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Got Communications?

Do you speak with the best of intentions, yet discover that what you thought you said isn't close to what people understood you to say?

If you plan to master the art and science of communicating to be understood, join us in this content-rich session where we'll cover the fundamentals of communicating with impact. Delivering effective communications is a must-have skill in one's leadership toolkit.

When: TBA. Click here to get the scoop!

Uncover the Cover Letter

Living a BIG life almost always includes finding the job that's right for you!

Learn how to write a cover letter that will move you on to an interview. Learn how to do this common job search task in an uncommon way to differentiate yourself from the crowded field of applicants. We'll discuss many different types of cover letters, including those that accompany resumes, college applications, and networking opportunities.

When: TBA. Click here for more details enroll.

Developing the Inventor's Mindset

Learn where to start when you want to be the next BIG thing!

If you have a question, others have the same question. Insight is a vital element of invention. Inventors who are also successful entrepreneur's identify a need that has not yet been filled. Step one to starting BIG is to envision a new idea. If you do not have that idea yet...this is the class for you.

When: TBA. Click here for more details.


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