Get Your BIG On Resources

Our e-learning and connection website brings Jane's motto of "get your big on"  to life.  When we talk about getting your big on, we're talking about:

  • Understanding your strengths and using that knowledge to lead, guide and inspire others
  • Knowing that small things do make a BIG difference
  • Understanding that we sometimes hold ourselves back from BIG things because we're thinking small...afraid to take the BIG leap

At Get Your BIG On, we offer inspiration, development opportunities, sharing life lessons and techniques for re-inventing yourself. And, there's the added benefit of connecting to a much larger community of individuals interested in self-development, teaching and/or giving back.

Additionally, Jane and Amy partner with other extraordinary individuals who are living a BIG life and who want to share their insights and learnings with you.  Living to your biggest and best potential knows no boundaries, so we offer a wide variety of topics and ways for you to expand your knowledge, comfort zone, connections and success.

Don't lose another day wishing things could be better.

  • Turn your thoughts into action - enroll in one of our thought-provoking elearning sessions 
  • Sign-up to be an e-instructor to share your knowledge and wisdom
  • Join one of our mastermind groups to leverage the knowledge and power of helping one another.

Our Resource section is full of Get Your BIG On information, ranging from biographies of our experts and speakers to instructions on how to join our speaker community to advertising with us, and lots more in-between. Check out the menu to the right for a full listing of the terrific content you'll find here.


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