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Don't you love reading stories about people who are making a positive difference? The Get Your BIG On team sure does - and thinks there needs to be more of them! So, with our Spotlight section, we're doing just that - giving a shout out to inspirational people who understand that success is more than a corner office or a big job title.  

Lead BIG

Mike Henry, Sr., President & Founder, Lead Change Group

mike_henry-sm"At Lead Change, we don't just want to talk about leadership. We want to apply people-centric, values-based leadership to make our world better. People all over the globe want to be their best, and we can help make that revolution happen." 

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Work BIG

Rebel Brown, Growth Strategy Specialist & Author Defy Gravity

 "When I started in business, I was the only woman in the room. I made the mistake of trying to act like a man in a man's world. It took me decades to learn my biggest strengths were found in my woman's intuition and perspective."

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Live BIG

Paul McConaughy
Michigan Nutrition Networkpaul_mcconaughy

"I get to spend each day learning and doing things that are bigger than life, like creating innovative programs to help low income families eat healthy and stay active."



Give BIG

Jennet Robinson Alterman
Executive Director, Center for Women

jennet"I've had enough experience in third world countries to know that when you give women economic independence and educational opportunities, the world becomes a better place."

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Start BIG

Blake Schroedter, Michael Pett, Tony Genovese - EasyGo Dispenser

What do three soldiers have in common? A great idea that innovates how to store, carry and dispense  protein powder and baby formula powder!



Organize BIG

Michelle Morton, Founder
Clutter Control

"I work with busy single parents and over-worked entrepreneurs so they can find a way to live simpler, tidier, healthier, more organized and less stressful lives."



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