Blake Schroedter, Founder, EasyGo

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EasyGo_Founders_picHow did you come up with the idea for your product? I had always felt that there had to be a better way to "store, carry, and dispense" protein, especially after I would return from long and strenuous missions.  I had to resort to using engine funnels, make shift dispensers, and a variety of other products that caused more grief than good.  It was not until that I was on my way home from my second combat deployment when I developed the solution.  I sought after the advice of my two friends, who are now co-founders, and together we created the Easy Go Dispenser.

Who needs your product? After careful market research and mentoring from our advisement team, we have discovered a need from 4 specific markets.  Parents with infants, athletes, Non Government Organizations (NGO's), and military.  There is a specific use for each of the 4 markets with an opportunity to position ourselves within a combined 390 million dollar market (domestic). At the end of the day we believe that our consumers will tell us how they will use the EasyGo Dispenser since it can be used with a variety of different powders.

Why are you excited about the opportunity? It has always been a dream of myself and the co-founders to create something that everyone could use. It is an interesting process to watch your ideas come to life. I look forward to the day when I am on a plane and watch a mother feed her baby with our product or see a random guy at the gym using the EasyGo Pro.

What are your plans for your invention? We are set to launch our product on Kickstarter (funding platform for start ups) through our website on Saturday March 11th.  We are hoping to raise capital for our initial tooling and production costs.  We will be on-line at first while developing a strong sales history prior to being stocked on shelves in retail outlets. 

How can someone who thinks this is a great idea get involved in your project? It's easy, just go to our website and either purchase our product, post a comment, or like us on Facebook.  We would love any comments or support! 

What advice do you have for other entrepreneurs? It is always a gamble but you really have to take your time and make sure that you are legally protected.  It is amazing how small the details are that can determine whether or not you will succeed.  If you do the proper research, have a great advisement team, and are willing to go the extra mile, you will have an amazing journey. Finally, surround yourself with good people you can trust. Choosing my partners was easy after serving in combat with these guy, we trust each other with our lives!


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