How BIG Helps People and Organizations

Braithwaite Innovation Group™ is a female-owned professional development firm focused on busting paradigms and inspiring performance at the intersection of the art of leadership and the science of business.

Our BIG passion? Collaborating with organizations and individuals, inspiring their performance. Our BIG goal? Equip those companies and people to excel at leadership and innovation. Our BIG mission? Make a positive and sustainable difference by helping leaders build connections, character and confidence.

Our focus:

►Assisting companies in taking their leadership practices to the next level

►Equipping individuals to achieve leadership and life success

We get what it takes to innovate. To work big.

We love the exquisite alchemy that happens when leaders use their heads to manage and their hearts to lead. To lead big.

We get what it means to connect, share and serve. To live big.

Braithwaite Innovation Group and its elearning partner, Get Your BIG On offers:

  • Leadership development programs
  • Executive coaching
  • Organizational and entrepreneurial consulting
  • Meeting, workshop and retreat facilitation
  • Keynote speaking
  • Elearning
  • Programs for women in business

Ready to break out, learn more, do more, be more?

Check out our quality offerings, and the engage us and get ready to lead BIG, work BIG and succeed!


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