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If the Get Your BIG On team got to be queen for a day, know what we would do? We'd transform the definition of news! Today, stories of greed, corruption and tragedy grab the headlines; while stories about those who make a difference or who transform their lives get second billing. Let's change all that!

Daniel Maher wrote that "confidence is courage with ease." Achieving this level of personal grace requires getting your BIG on, and we're betting that many of you have done just that. You went for the big, bold, brave thinking; took action, and opened the door to living your best life, full of confidence and courage. Or helping someone else do that with their life. Sharing your story helps to inspire others to grow their wings.

Do you have a BIG story to tell? 

  • Have you overcome a BIG obstacle and transformed your life? 
  • Started your own business when the odds were against you?
  • Re-invented yourself?
  • Made a really radical career change?
  • Support a worthy cause that needs some wider attention?
  • Volunteer for something worthwhile that makes you smile?
  • Have a leadership success story?
  • Learned a valuable life lesson that would benefit others?
  • Made a positive difference in someone's life?
  • Took a big risk - against the advice of others - that ultimately paid off?

If you've done these things, it's time for you to share your story with the Get Your BIG On community! You can help educate and inspire others, perhaps even provide the nudge someone needs to get them started on their personal journey.And, if you're feeling like telling your story would be's not! Telling the truth isn't bragging.

If your story is selected for publication on the Get Your BIG On web site and/or its blogs, you'll get to share your message with seekers and solvers looking to lead BIG. Work BIG. Live BIG.

Use the form below to share your story with us. If you have questions and/or need more information, please send us a note and we'll be in touch to answer your questions.

BIG Story


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