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Yes You Can! Reaching Your Potential While Achieving Greatness

Jane Perdue, leadership consultant, speaker and author, joined best-selling authors Dr. Warren Bennis (On Becoming a Leader) and the late Jim Rohn (7 Strategies for Wealth and Happiness) in this inspiring book - a message of empowerment, determination and affirmation where you'll learn:

• 4 building blocks for professional effectiveness and success
• How organizations build a culture that embraces courage
• How leadership facilitates positive change and excellence
• How leaders use their head to manage and their heart to lead

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Ken Bator's Strategic Planning Guide

BTC's Pocket Guide to Strategic Planning is designed to assist small business owners, entrepreneurs, managers, and executives through the strategic planning process. It is specifically focused on providing business professionals with a kick start to planning


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The Character Based Leader:  Instigating a Leadership Revolution One Person at a Time

The Character-Based Leader is a must-read for anyone who realizes that leading from who you are (rather than your position) is the key to longevity and satisfaction in any leadership role. Written by 21 volunteer members of the Lead Change Group, this book will challenge and inspire you to take ACTION and Lead Change!

The Lead Change Group is a virtual community of authors, business owners, thought leaders, and academics who share a passion for leadership. This non-profit global organization is dedicated to instigating a leadership revolution that encourages, energizes, and equips people to apply character-based leadership to lead change. The answer to the challenges of our times is rooted in revolutionizing leadership and begins with ourselves.

The Character-Based Leader explores topics such as:

  • Trust
  • Humility
  • Integrity
  • Communication
  • Walking the talk
  • Balancing relationships with results
  • Leading from who you are

This book is the spark that can ignite the leader within you.

Price:  $17.00

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