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Got a message for leaders or entrepreneurs or those seeking to live their best life? Need a ready-to-use webinar venue to do so?

Get Your BIG On can help!

Get Your BIG On is designed to provide affordable business school quality content that's infused with real life practicality. We're looking for solvers who have content that's serious, fun, informative, inspiring, thought-provoking, and designed to challenge people to learn, think and expand their comfort zones. Get Your BIG On content is focused on education, connection and development.

Content Areas for Seekers and Solvers

Get Your BIG On shares its webinar technology platform with others who have quality content in any of these areas:

  • Leadership
  • Innovation and entrepreneurship
  • Giving and volunteering
  • Managing and other work skills
  • Living your best life
  • Helping women in business improve their skills

Ways to Use the Get Your BIG On Platform

There are two ways to use the Get Your BIG On platform:

  1. Rent the technology by the hour if you are conducting free sessions, or
  2. Split the enrollment and/or fees with us if you are charging for them.

Get Your BIG On™ provides a training and development venue for seekers and solvers to come together through eworkshops, webinars, elearning, coaching, online training, ebooks, mastermind groups, teleseminars, checklists, white papers, discussion circles, videos and more.

If you are interested in using the Get Your BIG On technology and/or payment platform to conduct your webinars, contact us to arrange a time to talk. We look forward to partnering with you to help you spread your message!

How Get Your BIG On!™ Came to Be

Jane Perdue and Amy Diederich, partners in Braithwaite Innovation Group™, were inspired by their experiences to create Get Your BIG On.

Jane and Amy share common passions for learning, educating, giving back and making a positive difference. So they could involve a greater number of like-minded people and reach a greater number of individuals interested in living to their fullest potential, Jane and Amy created Get Your BIG! On™ -- an online tool and community for professional and personal development.

After a particularly intensive and meaningful development session, a Braithewaite Innovation Group client remarked that it was too bad that more people couldn't have the same experience. Hmmm, what an interesting idea. Let's check into it.

Through our research, we discovered that building, buying, or leasing the technology and payment platforms required to make this one-to-many sharing wasn't user-friendly or cost-effective for people looking to do periodic webinars or elearning.

*Cue another hmmm moment.* Might not others share a common interest in conducting occasional paid webinars without having to jump through technology and payment hoops?

We did some polling and research, learning that there was interest in a ready-to-use platform. Thus, our concept to share our website was born - a place for professionals from all walks of life to bring their content to share, their desire to teach, and their interest in guiding others' personal learning and development.

What's Provided

For paid content. Jane and Amy provide the website to list and promote your offering(s), the webinar platform for conducting your session(s), the PayPal functionality to collect payments, a moderator if one is needed, and the coordination of information and enrollment with session enrollees. We partner with the expert -- the individual(s) offering sessions -- to promote the webinars. Experts provide their own content and materials, present their class(es) and split their enrollment fees with us.

For free participation content. For those who just want to use a webinar platform periodically, we also provide a rent-by-the-hour program.

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