Live BIG: November 2011 elearning 

Tap Into Your Creativity

Many adults equate creativity with the arts – composing music, painting pictures, writing poetry, etc. However, creativity has much broader application than just the arts. In fact, creativity was cited as the single most important leadership quality for success in a study of 1500 CEO's completed by IBM in 2010.

Creativity is a learned skill. In this interactive e-workshop you'll hear about ways for you to boost your "creativity quotient" so you can be more innovative!

When: Wednesday, November 30, 2011 at 10 AM ET. Click here for more information and to enroll!

The Art of BIG Fundraising

Fundraising is key to the success of nearly every non-profit endeavor. This course is for you if you're seeking to raise money and want to learn from the professionals.

The approach to raising BIG money is by thinking BIG!

When: TBA. Click here to learn more.

Nonprofits: How to Develop a Social Media Presence

This is an introduction for nonprofit organizations on how to enter the world of social media. It will explain some basics so your organization can start tweeting, connecting, linking and joining the social media conversation!

We will discuss best practices for nonprofits to effectively and efficiently begin creating awareness through social media.

When: TBA. Click here to learn more.


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