Get Your BIG On eLearning

Get Your BIG On provides learning opportunities for:

Small to mid-sized organizations needing a high quality yet cost effective way to educate their leaders

Professionals and individuals focused on personal development that’s both convenient and content rich

Entrepreneurs seeking solutions for enhancing their knowledge and performance

Get Your BIG On offers a wide array of webinars and elearning opportunities across our BIG spectrum:

  • Start BIG. Everything an entrepreneur needs to get going and be successful
  • Lead BIG. Development and connection for the art and science of leading yourself and others
  • Women BIG. Advice, development and connection so women in business can take care, take charge and step up into their power
  • Work BIG. Tools, tips and pointers for workplace success
  • Live BIG. Giving, making a difference that lasts, and living an integrated life

Get Your BIG On content is:

  • Delivered by subject matter experts 
  • Sometimes serious, designed for knowledge, skill and ability development. Other times, it's roll-up-your-shirt-sleeves practical or fun, informative or inspiring
  • Business school quality without the business school or Fortune 500 price tag
  • Normally offered live (synchronous)
  • Offers engagement, experience and educational value

Get Your BIG On challenges you to challenge yourself. Learn. Grow. Connect. Find what's important to you and make it so!

9.30.11 This section of our site is crawling off the drawing board and into real life. It's messy and incomplete. Please bear with us and stay tuned!


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