Tara Barker
Professional OrganizerTara Barker

Tara wasn’t always an organized girl. There are some people out there who are truly born cookie-cutter-no-clutter organized; but for the rest of the world, there's stuff and lots of it. Tara has always been an aspiring artist with a strong desire to make the world around her a more beautiful, enjoyable and organized place.

As she earned her degree in graphic design and illustration, she babysat for many families whom she adored. She also saw many areas throughout their homes that weren’t living up to their "organized" potential.

Once the children were snug in their beds, Tara set out to un-junk the junk drawers and re-work the coat closets. As the homeowners picked up on this newfound desire for organized functionality, Tara was invited to "play" with the kitchen instead of coming to play with the kids!

Tara's passion for organization has created multiple benefits including living a simpler, more enjoyable life for herself and for those she loves.



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