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What Jane and Amy Offer

With a warm and engaging style that makes an audience feel like they are speaking one-on-one with them, Jane Perdue and Amy Diederich pack their  presentations with how-to's, humor, stories, research and inspiration. People walk out of their sessions knowing they have the power to live their lives to their biggest and best potential, full of confidence and courage.

Through Jane and Amy's dynamic and inter-active programs, people learn to dream big, give big, think big, lead big and live big. They're moved to action by their powerful and inspirational messages (and practical tools and advice) that get to the heart of managing yourself, and then leading others.

Having been corporate executives themselves, both Amy and Jane are consummate professionals. They're easy to work with. They meet every deadline. They show up early to speak with participants and stay late to answer their questions. Jane and Amy want your event to successful.

Ready to break out, learn more, do more, be more? Engage us to speak at your event and get ready to lead BIG, work BIG and succeed!

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