Laura Goodrich, Author


Laura Goodrich offers great advice on how to Work BIG.

What Work BIG advice does Laura have? In her book Seeing Red Cars and through her coaching work, she helps people to: 

  • Resist the natural inclination to focus on their negative thoughts, concerns and fears
  • Create a sense of awareness around their individual interests, passions, strengths and values
  • Make the connection between their personal and professional wants as well as those of their team and organization to create positive outcomes

What’s the meaning of the title Seeing Red Cars?  “It’s a metaphor for focusing on what you want.  That’s a concept everyone can relate to. It's based on the idea that if you buy a red car you start seeing red cars everywhere you look. Why? Because you're focusing on them. Taking the analogy further, if you choose the positive outcomes you want, and you're constantly thinking about them, you will attract those outcomes into your life by way of that intentional focus.”

Tell us more about the scientific research behind why we focus on what we don’t want. “Ellen Weber, CEO of the MITA Brain Institute, explained that it's a combination of social conditiseeing red cars bookoning and life experience.  We develop a fear-based response that begins with our unique genes and is socially conditioned within our families. The key is to acknowledge those forces and to plan and take purposeful actions so that you remain in control.”

How can the stories and exercises in Seeing Red Cars help individuals and workplaces deal with today’s new normal?  "The marketplace is undergoing dramatic change, technology is advancing rapidly, and people are uncertain about the future. This is an environment in which fear and worry escalates, allowing an unconscious negative focus to get in the way of productivity, motivation, innovation and solutions. Being clear about what you want affects others and allows you to anticipate situations and take appropriate action to ultimately get what you want.”

Where should people start if they want to start focusing on their “I want” list versus their “I don’t want” fears? “Start with the knowledge of your passions, interests, and strengths, and then play close, constant attention to what you can control, along with what you want and are working toward. Create for yourself mental pictures of your desired outcomes and the feelings associated with achieving those wants, and choose red objects or items to remind you of those desired outcomes.”

More about Laura…

Laura is the host of a national radio program, and shares stories about incredible people for a major market television station. She has a degree in Training and Organizational Development from The University of Minnesota, is a member of the American Society for Training and Development (ASTD) and the National Speakers Association (NSA).  She received coach training from both the Corporate Coach University and the Coaches Training Institute.

Laura is co-owner of On Impact Productions, an integrated content company which specializes in authoring and producing videos, documentaries, television series, speaking and coaching, and consulting that is dedicated to engaging people, teams and organizations to successfully maneuver the wild roads of change.





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