Recently when working with a client organization I had a chance to read a case study provided by the Marketing Leadership Roundtable. The company profiled was a Financial Services organization. The case study discussed common “coaching resistant”.

They found leaders may resist coaching when benefit aren’t clarified or when coaching is misunderstood as separate from day-to-day activities.
Additionally leaders may not perceive coaching as necessary to advancement in organizations without a history of coaching.

Finally they found leaders may not know how to coach, thereby confusing coaching with other managerial tasks and missing true coaching opportunities.

To address these types of resistance the company took the time to build a roadmap of how to coach employees based on job function. What a great call to action for all those who are coaching. Taking time to apply the coaching process and tailoring it to the role you are trying to coach.

In addition to the great advice on Coaching introduction to great resource like the Marketing Leadership Roundtable ( is invaluable. This site is a great resource to find best practice information.