Happiness and the Entrepreneur

In June 2010 I was unhappy. I was not sure why. I have a wonderful husband, fantastic family, and my consulting business was doing well. I reached out to a former boss who had become a former client. Someone who regardless of their status in my life I view as a mentor, Jane Perdue. Jane and I talked for a while. She shared her vision for her company. She shared some of the amazing work she was doing. At the end of the conversation she suggested we start a joint venture. In August 2010 I joined Braithwaite Innovation Group. By January of 2011 I am working harder than I have in a long time and I am deliriously happy.

Why am I so happy?

I attribute my understanding of my happiness to a quirky book I read many years ago, Flow: the Psychology of the Optimal Experience. In this book the author shares research that happiness exists when we find the sweet spot where our capability is equal to the challenges we face. The research shows that this is true in our work lives, our personal lives and even in our sex lives. It says if our capabilities our beyond our challenges we become bored dissatisfied unhappy. If our challenges exceed our capabilities we become stressed.

I have a theory of my own. I believe that entrepreneurs thrive when our challenges are just beyond our capabilities. I am deliriously happy because undertaking this new venture every day I face a new challenge. Sometimes it seems that every minute of every day I need to learn a new skill. I work all day and research and learn all evening.