Mind Mapping

I had lunch with an old friend today. She is changing jobs and is excited by the prospect. We discussed how to sort out what she wants to do. While career transitions are not directly related to starting your own business…they are important to starting big!

My advice- Mind Mapping. Mind mapping is a great way to get clarity about what you want. Here is how I use it for visioning and my career. I put my name in the middle of a blank sheet of paper. I then surround my name with lines. Imagine a sun with rays. Each ray I label with an aspect of what I want in a job. For example one ray might be compensation. Another ray might be work environment.


I remember attending a class given by Lou Tice, “Investment in Excellence.” In this class he explained that our mind can handle only so much incoming stimulation. If you focus on something your brain will begin looking for stimuli that match that item.

He gave us the homework of looking for red cars. He told us you will be amazed at how many red cars you will see when you are looking.

I did the assignment and he was right! Red cars were everywhere.

Try it!

The mind map of what you want for your job or for your life works much the same way. As you become clear on what you are looking for it your mind will search for opportunities that match what you are seeking!

So here is your challenge try looking for red cars.. If you see them everywhere. .then create your mind map!