Get Your BIG On Start BIG

Yesterday you heard Jane’s story that launched Get Your BIG On. Today it is my turn to share with you how it all began for me. As far back as I can remember I have been goal driven. I worked my way through college holding down two jobs. I completed my degree graduating Magna Cum Laude. I won a full [...]

Entrepreneur’s that Start BIG

Over the last two weeks I have been inundated with stories of entrepreneurs who are Starting BIG! I find myself inspired daily by the stories I am receiving.  Many have overcome major obstacles. This week I featured one of those big stories as my pick of the week on I thought I would share his [...]

Inventor, Entrepreneur

Tanja Neubauer, Inventor Entrepreneur   As part of my series I am introducing you to an entrepreneur who is a good example of picking a great name  and trademarking! Tanja Neubauer is both a give big and a start big story!  Tanja is a soccer mom and SAP whiz and now she is an [...]

StartBIG Tip 2 Trademark your name!

So you have a great idea and you are ready to go into business. My Tip 2 is to Trademark your name. What is a trademark? According to Wikipedia a trademark or trade mark or trade-mark[1] is a distinctive sign or indicator used by an individual, business organization, or other legal entity to identify that [...]

My Formula for Entrepreneurial Success

Right Product + Market Opportunity +Committed Execution= Success Many people ask me what is the key to my success as a business owner. I look to the formula that my dad passed down to me. He would say you need to have a product that people need. Elaborating that not only do you need a product [...]

Does the Formula Matter or is the Brand that Counts?

According to a recent CNN article there is much buzz about a copy of the secret formula of Coke being released in the media.  However several experts indicate the formula does not matter. “Today, anybody with access to a sophisticated chemistry laboratory could analyze the formula of Coke, but no one can call a product [...]

Three People in this Romance

Yesterday I “broke” my website resulting in the revelation that I am in love with my business. Today I am dealing with the implications of breaking the website. One person it negatively impacts is my business partner. Since I love my business and am truly fond of my business partner I thought I better read [...]

Love and Business

Business and Love Move fast and break things. Unless you are breaking stuff, you are not moving fast enough. Mark Zuckerberg The quote from Mark Zuckerberg leapt of the page for me because last night I broke my website.. well at least the homepage. I found Mark’s quote reassuring as I wait for my webmaster [...]

What’s next?

My daughter Grace is adopted from China. She is six years old. As soon as she could talk she would always ask “What’s next mommy?”. She still wants to know our agenda every time we go anywhere!  I think she is not much different then my adult friends. We always want to know “What’s next?”.  [...]


Today I am sitting in the Detroit Airport. I think many entrepreneurs travel. I find that sometimes I travel more than I like. Lately I will swish my hands underneath the faucet in my home bathroom. I will realize after a few swipes I am no longer in an airport with automatic sinks. This week [...]