Furthering Gender Stereotypes? Me??

On the first day of school three of my girlfriends and I escaped for a simply decadent afternoon at the swimming pool. All morning as I packed lunches, checked book bags I had a silly grin on my face. I was looking forward to playing hooky with my friends. As my seven-year old daughter, Grace climbed in my SUV she spied my pool bag. She was completely perplexed. She questioned me as to why would the pool bag be in my car? Did  I not realize summer was over and school had started. When I explained that while she was at school I was retreating with my friends to the pool. Her expression was priceless. She was completely aghast that I would consider going to the pool without her. Today I was not only going to the pool without her but I was going to the pool while she was in school!

It has been a busy summer of running my kids to and fro; often carting them and their friends to the pool while I took conference calls, answered emails and otherwise attempted to stay on top of my work. Today was just for me and my girlfriends. It was on this glorious day full of “girl” time that the conversation turned to a topic of stereo types.  My friend Linda a mom of two teenage boys was sharing how she used to enjoy watching “chick flicks” with her boys. She complained that her husband had teased the boys about watching such fluff. Now the boys refuse to view a romantic comedy and she watches them alone.  I wanted to chime in as my other friends empathized with Linda but I had a realization. You see the night before Grace my daughter had sneaked off down stairs to cuddle with her dad to watch Mixed Martial Arts.  I found her up past her school night bedtime and scolded her! I scolded her not only for the late hour but how could she watch fighting! It was an incident that I did not give much thought. I realized what a double standard I was carrying around. I chided my daughter for watching Mixed Martial Arts while wanting to empathize with Linda over her husband’s insensitivity. I made a vow to encourage this father and daughter time. I still don’t get Mixed Martial Arts but now I smile when Grace says, “Let’s watch fighting Dad!”


One Response to Furthering Gender Stereotypes? Me??

  1. Great post, Amy! It’s having those “aha” moments and embracing what they teach us that begins to chink away at those stereotypes. (For what it’s worth, I don’t get mixed martial arts either!)