Joyful giving

spirit of givingRichelle E. Goodrich shares a lovely story that illuminates the joyful spirit of giving — may you enjoy it today!

“What is the spirit of Christmas, you ask? Let me give you the answer in a true story…

On a cold day in December, feeling especially warm in my heart for no other reason than it was the holiday season, I walked through the store sporting a big grin on my face.

Though most people were far too busy going about their business to notice me, one elderly gentleman in a wheelchair brought his eyes up to meet mine as we neared each other traveling opposite directions. He slowed in passing just long enough to speak to me.

‘Now that’s a Christmas smile if I ever saw one,’ he said.

My lips stretched to their limit in response, and I thanked him for the compliment. Then we went our separate ways. But, as I thought about the man and how sweetly he’d touched me, I realized something simply wonderful! In that brief, passing interaction we’d exchanged heartfelt gifts!

And that, my friend, is the spirit of Christmas.”

Image credit:  Heaventears





shellsYesterday I watched a short video called Shells. This video told the story of a young family going to the beach to collect shells.

The mother and father and two young sons had been collecting shell fragments quite sometime when they noticed a perfectly intact starfish “shell” floating just off the shore line. The youngest boy looked expectantly at the dad and the dad nodded yes. Continue reading


Shift from dreaming to doing

I met Tina two years ago at a networking event. She told me she operated a small graphic design business, but her heart’s desire was being a personal trainer. I offered to introduce her to a friend who was a personal trainer. She said she would let me know.

Six months ago, our paths crossed again at a community function. Tina told the table group she ran a small graphic design business but hoped to be a personal trainer someday. Continue reading


Take the leap!

Do you ever have days, may be even months and years, when you’ve held yourself back…afraid to take the leap?

You’re unsure, not certain of what you have to offer.

You feel fear that you might fail and/or don’t have anything of value to contribute…thinking it’s better to keep people guessing than to end all doubt about your lack of skills by stepping up. Continue reading


Mean Girls

Last night I took my seven year old daughter to a Boy Band Concert. The opening act was Rachel Crow. I had not heard of Rachel but enjoyed her soul-filled voice. One of Rachel’s songs in particular caught my attention. It is called Mean Girls. The song talks about a young girl being left out by other young girls. It details the pain of not fitting in and being left out at the school lunch table. Continue reading


May you be this woman!

There are women who make things better… simply by showing up.

There are women who make things happen.

There are women who make their way.

There are women who make a difference.

And women who make us smile.

There are women of wit and wisdom who — through strength and courage — make it through.

There are women who change the world everyday…women like you.

~Ashley Rice

Art: Strength of Character by GC Myers



Tell that little voice to hush

Sometimes there are those days, may be even months and years, when you hold yourself back. You’re thinking small…afraid to take the leap.

You feel unsure, not certain of what you have to offer and are fearful that it doesn’t bring value. You question your word, wondering if it’s worth sharing and if anyone would listen.

You question your contributions, doubting if they have they meaning or have made a difference. The path you’ve traveled so far seems pointless and the direction of the one going forward is unclear.

When you find yourself listening too much to — and obeying — that little voice in your head that’s fueling your negative and doubtful thoughts, read this poem.

Be renewed. Feel confident. Share yourself, your gifts.

Jump off the cliff, grow your wings on the way up and tell that little voice to just hush.

Cargo by Greg Kimura

You enter life a ship laden with meaning, purpose and gifts

sent to be delivered to a hungry world.

And as much as the world needs your cargo,

you need to give it away.

Everything depends on this.

But the world forgets its needs,

and you forget your mission,

and the ancestral maps that used to guide you

have become faded scrawls on the parchment of dead pharaohs.

The cargo weighs you heavy the longer it is held

and spoilage becomes a risk.

The ship sputters from port to port and at each you ask:

“Is this the way?”

But the way cannot be found without knowing the cargo,

and the cargo cannot be known without recognizing there is a way,

and it is simply this:

You have gifts.

The world needs your gifts.

You must deliver them.

The world may not know it is starving,

but the hungry know,

and they will find you

when you discover your cargo

and start to give it away.


Art by Bridgette Guerzon Mills, Teach Me to Fly