Monkeys, Duct Tape & Other Assorted Thoughts on Leadership

Leaders doing good, getting creative, and managing monkeys were just a few of the leadership posts that snagged the attention of the team at BIG this past week. Enjoy…because it isn’t every day one sees the words “duct tape” in a piece about leadership!

10 Creativity Tips From The World’s Greatest Scientists (The Bacharach Blog)

Creativity was cited as the single most important leadership quality Continue reading


Fav Leadership Reading

Self-improvement was a big theme in what the LeadBIG team did with clients and in writing this past week. May you be inspired to look within and grow!

Cure the (Self-Inflicted) Chaos First (Karen Martin, Change This)

Wondering why the latest improvements efforts at your organization aren’t working? Karen aptly suggests your first diagnostic be looking for self-inflicted chaos.

Book Review-The Orange Revolution (Steve Nguyen, Workplace Psychology) Continue reading