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Jane Perdue

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Welcome to the LeadBIG blog. Here we serve up small bites of knowledge and the occasional wisdom, all designed to inspire performance, power and connection @ the intersection of the art of leadership & the science of business.

A little about me. Two little words – Aunt Polly – uttered so nonchalantly by a new boss ultimately took my life and career in a new direction. After 20 years of executive leadership, including 15 years as a vice president for Fortune 100 companies, I took off my “corporate charm bracelet” and became an entrepreneur.

Seeking to make a sustainable, positive difference in serving people, principles and profits, I founded Braithwaite Innovation Group, a female-owned professional development and consulting firm where my extraordinary business partner, Amy Diederich, and I work with organizations of all sizes and individuals to redefine how leadership is practiced.

Throughout my corporate and entrepreneurial careers, I’ve created numerous leadership development programs, some exclusively for women, and have coached hundreds of business leaders to use their heads to manage and their hearts to lead. I partnered with the Center for Women, South Carolina’s largest development center for women, to create their new Women’s Leadership Institute (WLI). After learning that 47% of the companies in SC don’t have any women in decision-making roles, we created the WLI to provide women in business with the knowledge, skills and abilities needed to become capable and powerful leaders.

I’ve co-authored two leadership books (Yes You Can! and The Character-Based Leader). I’m now working on two books:  one about the life, love and leadership lessons from Aunt Polly, and the other about the incorrect notions women hold  about power. You’ll find me blogging here, at WomenBIG, Lead Change Group, Charleston Grit, and SmartBlog for Leadership.

Besides writing and leadership development, my other passion is public speaking — keynotes, workshops, conferences, and the like. I love to share the life and business lessons I’ve learned from “Aunt Polly!”

I’d love to hear from you! Please send me a note at [email protected]

With a smile,


Jane Perdue - Principal, Braithwaite Innovation Group

p.s. I’m big on the power of storytelling as a way to learn and connect.  So you’ll find lots of stories in my writing. To protect the innocent and the sometimes guilty, we change all the names and any other identifying information in the scenarios we highlight.



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