Real Simple Power

Today’s LeadBIG guest author is Sharon Becker, LISW, ACSW, licensed private practice therapist and passionate about women using their power to support women.

Sharon BeckerRemember the days of grade school when one student was picked as the line leader and the rest of the class had to form a straight line and follow the “leader?” That’s how our early impressions of leaders, followers and power were planted.

As women, we have fought (and continue to do so) to define new leadership roles in contrast to those created by men. Leadership involves the power of speech. It is the ability to create a voice to inspire rather than persuade or command compliance.

Women thrive on connection and our voices resound greatest when we speak as a collective. We easily access the energy (and, yes, call it power) that comes from sharing each person’s creativity, individuality and the unique qualities that we all possess. Leadership is bringing multidimensional perspectives to the table.

Our unique female ability to create bonds, discover common interests, and reach out with compassion and kindness are the new building blocks of leadership. Freedom to explore the questions and appreciate the importance of listening is critical to problem solving.

Through this, we can understand problems from different vantage points and open the doors to new solutions. The goal of true leadership should be to foster and nurture the creative process toward our highest individual and communal aspirations.

So, how do we define leadership?

It is not the exertion of control for personal gains and greater power. It is a simpler form of leading based on the true desire for all to gain.

It is time for us, as women, to become the next generation of leaders to teach a new form of real, simple power.




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