Confidence, Curmudgeons and Other Fav Leadership Reading

Boosting your self-confidence, dealing with curmudgeonly bosses and leading up were some of the reading topics that captured the fancy of the BIG team over the past week. Please share if any of these topics grab your fancy, too!

When you feel inadequate  (Mary Jo Asmus, Aspire-CS)

Working in a world that expects/rewards perfection can create a dent in one’s self-confidence.  Mary Jo shares her personal experience and vulnerabilities in coping with feeling that you aren’t good enough, smart enough, and on and on. Most thoughtful.

Managing Your Boss – 3 Keys to Leading Up  (John Hester, Blanchard LeaderChat)

Got a boss who’s a contrarian, curmudgeon or a cantankerous coot? John offers three ways to manage a difficult boss.

What Is So Wrong With “Both/And”? (William Powell, The Leadership Advisor)

The team at BIG answers with “absolutely nothing!” Williams says, “Science solves one problem, art yet another. Together they make a beautiful mystery that can move mountains. Embrace the ‘Both/And’!!”

The Secret to Doing More with Less  (Chris Edmonds, Edmonds Consulting)

“Create a work environment – call it an organizational culture – that trusts and respects employees, and employees “show up” differently. They love coming to work. They want the organization to thrive – and their efforts enable it to thrive.”

Question Across Both Sides of Your Brain (Dr. Ellen Weber, Brain Leaders and Learners)

Fascinating post by Ellen…get the inside skinny on how asking and responding to questions reveals the state of your brain. Who knew?

How you determine your success or failure in working with difficult people. “If we learn to open our hearts, anyone, including the people who drive us crazy, can be our teacher.” ~Pema Chodron




2 Responses to Confidence, Curmudgeons and Other Fav Leadership Reading

  1. Hi Jane!

    I came across your post via Triberr. Thanks for the great links you have shared. There will always be difficult people we have to work with. Even in our own business!!! Handling them effectively is better than getting caught up in ill feelings.
    I find that working through it teaches us how to deal with those around us. There’s no where to run and hide lol. Once we find that learning curve and apply it, life’s a breeze.
    Thanks again,

    • Hi, Donna -

      We need to bottle and sell your thoughts about going through the learning curve of dealing with the challenging folks around us. Lots of times people just ignore the conflict, letting problems perpetuate or simmer. Big thanks for your kind words and for furthering the dialogue!

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