Finding balance in building

I’m delighted to be instigating a leadership revolution over at Lead Change Group today…do join the fun!

leadership and balanceMany leaders fall into the quicksand of believing they can fix what’s wrong with other people. Some are motivated by a sincere desire to help people be their best.

Other leaders have an ego-driven I can fix’em mentality. They’re motivated by an internal desire to be known as the hero who saves the day.

The ideal position is for leaders to embrace their responsibility to develop people yet balance that with tough empathy and a focus on getting the job done. We fix cars or processes or machines; leaders don’t fix people — people fix themselves (and only if they want to be “fixed”). 

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3 Responses to Finding balance in building

  1. Hey Jane. I enjoyed your post over on Lead Change. But I’d like to make one minor correction. You’re not “guest” posting over on Lead Change. You’re an Instigator of the 1st degree. There are no “guests” who post on Lead Change. You’re part of the revolution. You post as a member.

    Just thought I’d split a hair. Mike…

    • Mike - Touche! Point taken…here’s to the leadership revolution and delighted to be a part of it. Tag line changed and do feel free to split hairs anytime!

      • LOL! Thanks. I get a few requests each week for “guest” posts. We don’t have guests over at Lead Change. This is a revolution where everyone has to pick sides. Thanks so much for co-revolting!

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