Weekly leadership reading

Nuggets of wisdom, leadership information and I-never-knew-that-stuff that appealed to the BIG team this past week…lead big and enjoy!

The limits of what we can measure (Christina Robertson on The New Existentialists)

Numbers are important, no doubt, yet we have to remember they tell only part of the story. The team at BIG agrees with Christina that it’s “our use of metrics that can get us into trouble.”

Wise Leadership Isn’t a Gender Issue (Jason Gots on BigThink)

Jason says it best, “One of the most valuable reasons to move the conversation away from gendered differences in leadership style, is that it obscures the real question of what works best, when.”

The Gestalt Principles

A fascinating little visual tutorial on how “people tend to organize visual elements into groups or unified wholes when certain principles are applied.”

Are You a Courageous Leader? (Kevin Eikenberry on Leadership & Learning)

Yes, being a leader of yourself, within an organization, of a community group or a sports team does require courage. Kevin explains why.

Leading Innovation: Why Executives Should Stimulate People to Make (Better) Mistakes (Aad Boot on LeadershipWatch)

There’s a great lesson here in the power of both/and thinking.

Discriminating Leadership (Deborah Costello on Lead Change Group Blog)

In this powerful post, Deb challenges us to challenge our assumptions about unconscious bias and stereotypes.

A quote we really liked this week: “Spirit. It is the hero’s strength, the mother’s resilience, and the poor man’s armor. It cannot be broken, and it cannot be taken away. This I must believe.” ~Drizzt Do’Urden

Wishing you a week of personal leadership successes, resilience and innovation!

Photo credit: The Gestalt Principles



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