Weekly Leadership Reading

These leadership pieces intrigued us, made us say “hmmm” or were helpful to a client this past week. Enjoy!

Are Successful People Nice (Art Markman, HBR Blog)

Recent research shows that men who are agreeable earn less than those who are disagreeable. What’s up with this?

Handling Direct Challenges to Your Authority (Tanvi Gautam, The Glass Hammer)

Tanvi offers three pieces of practical advice for handling situations when your clout is openly defied.

Leaders Open Their Ears Wide (Mary Jo Asmus, Leadership Solutions)

Terrific post from Mary Jo pointing out the important leadership implications from listening to understand versus “pretend listening.”

Overcoming the Abysmal Reorganizing and Restructuring Failure Rates (Jim Clemmer, The Clemmer Group)

Considering a reorg? You’ll find a whole host of statistics and insights on how to handle a reorganization with people, not to them.

Why You’re Stuck in a Rut (And How to Get Out of It) (Travis Robertson)

Thoughts on upending the change paradigm by not waiting for inspiration before making a change.

Thoughts on gender. If a woman is swept off a ship into the water, the cry is ‘Man overboard!’ If she is killed by a hit-and-run driver, the charge is ‘manslaughter.’ If she is injured on the job, the coverage is ‘workmen’s compensation.’ But if she arrives at a threshold marked ‘Men Only,’ she knows the admonition is not intended to bar animals or plants or inanimate objects. It is meant for her. ~Alma Graham

Image courtesy of Make It Happen