Feeling Stuck? 5 Questions to Ask

Are you running with the pack (doesn’t matter which one or where) and not feeling totally satisfied and/or content?  If so, ask yourself:

1) Are things going the direction I want, or am I staying the course because I’m afraid of something? Just what makes me fearful?

2) Am I hanging around because I think it makes me look good to belong? Do I think I don’t measure up on my own? Am I trading self-confidence for protection?

3) Do I believe in what I’m doing, or am I doing it because I think it makes me look hip and trendy? Am I trading internal satisfaction for material symbols of success?

4) Am I settling for stability and safety when what I really crave is something new, something a little edgy, something that’s different?

5) Do I feel this is the only way for me to be powerful? Am I silencing myself or speaking in a voice that’s not mine so I can fit in or be successful or have lots of money or whatever-other-form-that-fear-in-your-head-or-under-the-bed takes?

Life is all about trade-offs and awareness.

If you understand the trade-offs you’re making and for what reason, you’re not stuck anymore. It’s just all part of your bigger plan.

Photo:  The Telegraph