Got your 7C game on?

Want to be that positive leader — that marvelous person — who embraces possibility with childlike wonder, who practices inclusion without judgment, who turns dreams into reality, and who encourages others to do the same? That’s a person putting 7C performance to work:

          Character | Connection | Cognition | Capability | Compassion | Confidence | Commitment

Before we can lead others, we must first lead ourselves. Through our work and experience, the BIG team has discovered that effective leaders have mastered these seven skills. When people ask us about the “secret sauce” for leadership success, we reply, “How’s your 7C’s?”

We’re a little more than halfway through the year…do you have your 7C game on?

Get Your BIG On 7C Performance in Action


You walk the talk for being good and doing well.  Your ethics and integrity are above reproach because you’re authentic, honest, transparent and have a moral center. You radiate positive energy and determination. You’re self-disciplined. You treat those with and those without power the same. You invite the elephant in the room to dance.


You know what values and beliefs are important to you, and practice them in your daily living in doses large or small. You make the time to communicate and connect with others.  You actively listen with your head and heart to what others have to say because understanding their point of view is important to you. You know when to be mindful and when to take action. You drive the balance between stability and stimulating change.


You’re self-aware, and actively use your self-knowledge to relate to others. You know your strengths and put them to good use both for yourself and in service to others. You know your weakness, and work to minimize any negative impact they may have. You seek out feedback; then listen and reflect on what you heard. You embrace discipline and entrepreneurship. You practice simplicity yet know when to take the deep dive.


You dare yourself to stretch the limits of your potential and inspire those around you to do the same. You seek to learn and understand because you want to increase your comfort zone. You practice empathy and accountability with yourself and those around you. You’ve gotten comfortable oscillating between collaborating and competing, confidence and humility, and control and empowerment. You know when to go fast and when to go slow. You focus on and equally value people, principles and profits, not sacrificing one for the other.


You smile, you laugh.  You’re fearless in showing love and joy. You say thank you to someone every day. You share grins and gratitude. You’re there for others. You’re tolerant of and embrace differences. You know when to speak with candor and when to use diplomacy. You celebrate similarities and differences.  You set boundaries for and appreciate what’s mandatory and what’s discretionary. You care for yourself, your team, organization, community, family and whatever else you hold near and dear, and are secure enough to show that you care.


You exude quiet courage by taking a stand for what’s good and what’s right, even if doing so is unpopular. You show grace under pressure. You acknowledge your fears without letting them rule your life. You are joyfully spirited. You show strength of mind and will. You believe in yourself.  You know you bring value and help others believe the same about themselves.


You hold yourself accountable and assist others in doing the same. You’ve dedicated yourself to practicing 7C performance.  You seek out. You communicate. You live up to your potential. You celebrate. You’re courageous.  You dare to be sincere, caring and authentic. You make a positive difference.



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